Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Experience, enjoy and be proud of your relations! Fill your (time-) spaces of claimed "self" (and its unknown dynamic (cos-) play and re-narration-ology)!!! Thanks you Sail-ers, you are very close to my heart!

"SAIL - AWOLNATION" (also see Meekakitties video on anxiety attacks and for fun the "everyday I am tumblrn", hip hop and grocery one - great honest messages)

(added 26.05.2013 16:00 - Bringing in a some unshärfe)

Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Dienstag, 18. August 2009

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

New Yorks Errorism Fantasy

Ghostbusters Errorism, Fantasy, Optimism, Sci-Fi and New York society & Life Style, their own Worlds, Jokes and the 80'ies love for life & (counter) cultures diversity, pirates (of science), ships as cars and firestations, against over-seriousness!

That is my 80'ies feeling

Ghostbusters (1984) "Cats and Dogs" speech in Mayors Office

Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Für mehr scharf beim "intercourse"; oder auch "gender-verkehr" genannt!

biber beim Schülerstreik in Wien, am 24 April 2009

Noch mehr Un-scharf, für noch mehr scharf im leben, jetzt!:
Shanzhai.... (Un-) Scharf in China!

... ... ... (Un-) Scharf politisiert?!

...und Herr Feynman, was ist an den Quanten so (Un-) Scharf!?